Even though this florist invention goes back to 1980s, it has always been quite unknown to the public eye. In fact it is an expensive embalmed flower, also known as a preserved flower. It’s refined name fully reflects the essence of the process, happening to the plant.

What is a flower preservation?

The divine beauty of a fully bloomed rose is something amazing…something you would want to keep for ages, but a natural life circle with its consequential withering is inevitable.

For over 20 years, Lamber family from France dedicated its time to the technological development of preserving composition for the cut flowers. They have managed to keep the original beauty of the flower for years. By the end of the XX century some of the early results appeared and French technology have been immediately picked by the flower specialists all over the world. The research continues up today and new techniques of rose preservation have been developed allowing flower to last from 2 up to 10 years. 

There are 2 different methods of rose preservation:

  • Dehydration method: cut flowers are dehydrated in a special chemical composition and later saturated with another one, based on glycerol.
  • Hothouse method: at a certain stage of a flower blooming process inside the hothouse, the rose is being treated with special chemical compositions, allowing it to last up to several years. 

Toutenrouge preserved roses

Wedding planning industry is closely associated with the floral design, therefore we have to deal with all kinds of flowers, not necessarily natural ones. The experience of working with preserved roses expanded the possibility of creating wedding bouquets and venue decorations for weddings in Italy and Cyprus. The durability is amazing. From the outside it is real natural flower but it can be used at the same time for more than one time in different compositions.

Today you are able to purchase Toutenrouge preserved roses in Milan, Italy. An Italian consumer is offered with 8 different kind of rose colour. 

  1. Red rose Vittoria, dark red Loredana and maroon Luisa - for the lovers of the natural rose shade.
  2. Plum Ginevra, medium violet red Adriana and baby pink Mary-Ann - for the fans of the fantasy colours palette 
  3. Fabulous Black rose Milana and blue violet Anastasia - will not leave indifferent all the fans of extravagance. 

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